The Chukchi Bible

    Yuri Rytkheu

    The Chukchi Bible

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By the celebrated author of "A Dream in Polar Fog", a collection of the myths and stories of Yuri Rytkheu's own family that is at once a moving history of the Chukchi people who inhabit the northern shores of the Bering Sea and a beautiful cautionary tale rife with conflict, human drama, and humor. We meet fantastic characters: Nau, the mother of the human race; Rau, her half-whale husband; and Rytkheu's own grandfather, fated to be an intrepid traveler, far-ranging whaler, living ethnographic exhibit, and the last shaman of Uelen. The Chukchi Bible moves through vast Arctic tundra, sea, and sky - and to places deep within ourselves--introducing readers, in vivid prose, to an extraordinary mythology and a resilient people.


Format/pages: paperback / 366 pages

ISBN: 9780981987316

Publisher: Archipelago Books

Year: 2012

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