Earth: Portrait of a Planet

    Stephen Marshak

    Earth: Portrait of a Planet

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Marshak gives students the tools they need for an enriching hands-on geology experience, in and out of class. The Sixth Edition includes an expanded suite of interactive simulations, Narrative Art videos, Real-World videos, and animations built on the vibrant art from the text. New Smartwork5 online activities provide visual and interactive questions with answer-specific feedback. And the Geotours Google Earth(TM) exercises get students applying what they've learned to real-life site explorations. These easy-to-use tools combine with Marshak's signature narrative approach to the text and art program to give students the most effective means for visualizing, interacting with, and mastering geology concepts.

Format/pages: paperback / 1008 pages

ISBN: 9780393640137

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Year: 2018

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