A History of Civilizations

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In this illuminating account, one of the century's greatest historians surveys "the main contemporary civilizations." Separate sections examine the Muslim world, Black Africa, the Far East, Western Europe (from the fall of the Roman Empire to political union), "the other Europe" to the East, the European civilizations of the New World, and "the English-speaking universe." Even an educational text, Braudel once suggested, can be "a tale of adventure" - provided it is written with a "simplicity that is clarity, the light of intelligence." This clarity is present throughout A History of Civilizations.

"The big picture is usually fair and cogent, conveying powerfully not just the passage of time, but the importance of geography and space. Even the casual insight - that Europe "is an Asian peninsula" - makes one view the world a little differently. And Braudel was wise and humane. Time and again, he gives us judgments and evocations to be savored." - Linda Colley, the Observer

Format/pages: paperback / 640 pages

ISBN: 9780140124897

Publisher: Penguin Books

Year: 1995

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