Almost Nothing, Yet Everything: A Book about Water

    Hiroshi Osada

    Almost Nothing, Yet Everything: A Book about Water

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Existing in myriad forms, containing multitudes in its reflection, and coursing through each and every one of us, water sustains the world around us-and life itself.A USBBY Outstanding International Book of 2022
Selected by the New York Post as a 2022 Book to Buy for Everyone on Your Gift List

Artist Ryoji Arai and poet Hiroshi Osada, the Japanese team behind critically acclaimed Every Color of Light, offer up another meditation on the natural world in this ode to water. A lyrical moment between parent and child in a boat on a river unfolds into an examination of the water that surrounds them, and the nature and life sustained by it: "It's only oxygen and hydrogen. Simple as could be, and yet nothing means more to life as we know it."

Arai's lush art and Osada's evocative poetry, beautifully translated from Japanese by David Boyd, work together to enchant readers and refresh their spirit, opening their eyes to the wonders of water, the universe, and life.

Translated by David Boyd

Illustrated by Ryoji Arai

For ages 3-5.

Format/pages: hardback / 44 pages

ISBN: 9781592703579


Year: 2022

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