Blueberries: essays concerning understanding

    Ellena Savage

    Blueberries: essays concerning understanding

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'I mean who cares about opinions, gossip, whatever, when bodies are so vulnerable, in search only of love and breath.'

Brilliant young writer Ellena Savage explores Portuguese police stations and Portland college campuses, suburban Melbourne libraries and wintry Berlin apartments. She circles back to scenes of crimes or near-crimes, to lovers or near-lovers, to turn over the stones, re-read the paperwork, check the deeds, approach from another angle altogether. These essays traverse cities and spaces, bodies and histories, moving through forms and modes to find a closer kind of truth. Blueberries is ripe with acid, promise, and sweetness.

Format/pages: paperback / 256 pages

ISBN: 9781912854677

Publisher: Cornerstone

Year: 2020

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