Dancing in the Dark: My Struggle, Book Four

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Spauskite čia jei norėtumėte gauti žinią, kai vėl turėsime Dancing in the Dark: My Struggle, Book Four.

The fourth part of the sensational My Struggle series that has been hailed as `perhaps the most significant literary enterprise of our times' (Guardian) 

Fresh out of high school, Karl Ove moves to a remote fishing village to work as a teacher. He has no interest in the job itself - or in any other job for that matter, his sole aim is to save money and start writing. 

All goes well to begin with but as the nights grow longer, his life takes a darker turn. Drinking causes him blackouts, his repeated attempts at losing his virginity end in humiliation, and to his own great distress he develops romantic feelings towards one of his 13-year-old students. And all the while the shadow of his father looms large... 

Format/pages: paperback / 560 pages

ISBN: 9780099581529

Publisher: Vintage

Year: 2015

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