Demon Hunter

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Spauskite čia jei norėtumėte gauti žinią, kai vėl turėsime Demon Hunter.

Human life is often scary and depressing, and weird. 

In this zine, Miglė Anušauskaitė, a human herself, explores situations that go from normal to supernatural, and back again, hopefully bringing some comic relief to the stupid stuff we're doing, such as locking the doors, filling out tax forms, travelling, thinking about our bodies or coming up with the ideas.

Miglė has published and co-authored a couple of award-winning graphic novels in Lithuanian, but when asked about what she does in life, she says that she works at the library, because she does (reading old documents in Yiddish), and because people usually get bored and walk away after hearing that.

Format/pages: paperback / 59 pages

Year: 2019

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