Grigory Kanovich


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Devilspel evokes the lost world of Lithuanian Jews during the Second World War. From the lives of Grigory Kanovich's vividly drawn characters emerges a panorama of world events that shook eastern Europe and the world.

The subtle art of Kanovich is his ability to create characters in the town of Mishkine, like the feisty Danuta Hadassah, the idealistic Elisheva and the complex and empathetic Catholic Cheslavas, who live within us long after the chronicle of their lives has ended. The book is more than a novel. Its story touches the heart and questions human and divine justice in a world gone mad.

With the earlier publication of Shtetl Love Song and now of Devilspel, Grigory Kanovich will take his place amongst the great Jewish writers of eastern Europe whose works embody the noble struggle for dignity and survival during a seminal period of Jewish history.

Dr. Paul Socken 
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
University of Waterloo

Translated by: Yisrael Eliot Cohen

Format/pages: paperback / 282 pages

ISBN: 9780995560055

Publisher: Noir Press

Year: 2019

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