Finance and Accounting for Business: A New Insight

    Bob Ryan, Nicholas Collett

    Finance and Accounting for Business: A New Insight

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This is a self-contained treatment of all the of the accounting and finance needed for students to be able to work effectively at the highest levels within business. It is written in a readily accessible style, covering three key areas: financial accounting, including the analysis and forecasting of accounting information; management accounting; and corporate finance. The focus is on the interpretation and analysis of accounting and financial information and is especially relevant for courses in either accounting, finance and financial management.

The book is filled with examples taken from the practical world of business and draws on the authors' extensive experience of the problems of the senior manager. The style is designed to make the subject easily accessible even for the student who finds numbers and analysis challenging. A suite of teaching materials is available for download including tips and templates to help establish a new course of study.

Format/pages: paperback / 400 pages

ISBN: 9781784992712

Publisher: Manchester University Press

Year: 2017

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