I Miss My Grandpa

    Jin Xiaojing

    I Miss My Grandpa

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A young girl has never met her grandpa. He passed away before she was born, but she misses him every day. She often wonders...what did he look like?

With the help of her grandma and the rest of her loving family, she learns that he had her mother's hair, her uncle's nose, and her aunt's mouth. Each member of the family comes together to help paint a picture in the little girl's mind, and show her the love that he shared with the others.

Author, illustrator, and the first recipient of the LBYR Emerging Artist Award Jin Xiaojing has created a stunning picture book perfect for sharing with a loved one.

Format/pages: hardback / 40 pages

ISBN: 9780316417877

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

Year: 2019

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