Intelligent Mobile Projects with TensorFlow (įplėštas viršelis)

    Jeff Tang

    Intelligent Mobile Projects with TensorFlow (įplėštas viršelis)

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Build 10+ Artificial Intelligence apps using TensorFlow Mobile and Lite for iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi. Create Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning apps

Build TensorFlow-powered AI applications for mobile and embedded devices
Learn modern AI topics such as computer vision, NLP, and deep reinforcement learning
Get practical insights and exclusive working code not available in the TensorFlow documentation

As a developer, you always need to keep an eye out and be ready for what will be trending soon, while also focusing on what's trending currently. So, what's better than learning about the integration of the best of both worlds, the present and the future? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely regarded as the next big thing after mobile, and Google's TensorFlow is the leading open source machine learning framework, the hottest branch of AI. This book covers more than 10 complete iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi apps powered by TensorFlow and built from scratch, running all kinds of cool TensorFlow models offline on-device: from computer vision, speech and language processing to generative adversarial networks and AlphaZero-like deep reinforcement learning. You'll learn how to use or retrain existing TensorFlow models, build your own models, and develop intelligent mobile apps running those TensorFlow models. You'll learn how to quickly build such apps with step-by-step tutorials and how to avoid many pitfalls in the process with lots of hard-earned troubleshooting tips.

Classify images with transfer learning
Detect objects and their locations
Transform pictures with amazing art styles
Understand simple speech commands
Describe images in natural language
Recognize drawing with Convolutional Neural Network and Long Short-Term Memory
Predict stock price with Recurrent Neural Network in TensorFlow and Keras
Generate and enhance images with generative adversarial networks
Build AlphaZero-like mobile game app in TensorFlow and Keras
Use TensorFlow Lite and Core ML on mobile
Develop TensorFlow apps on Raspberry Pi that can move, see, listen, speak, and learn

If you're an iOS/Android developer interested in building and retraining others' TensorFlow models and running them in your mobile apps, or if you're a TensorFlow developer and want to run your new and amazing TensorFlow models on mobile devices, this book is for you. You'll also benefit from this book if you're interested in TensorFlow Lite, Core ML, or TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi.

Format/pages: paperback / 404 pages

ISBN: 9781788834544

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Year: 2018

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