Lost on Me

    Veronica Raimo

    Lost on Me

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A 2023 book of the year for the Financial Times, the Irish Times, the New European, Marie Claire and Largehearted Boy

A delightfully funny Italian novel about sex, love, family - and how a writer transforms her life into art

Vero has grown up in Rome with her eccentric family: an omnipresent mother who is devoted to her own anxiety, a father ruled by hygienic and architectural obsessions, and a precocious genius brother at the centre of their attention. As she becomes an adult, Vero's need to strike out on her own leads her into bizarre and comical situations: she tries (and fails) to run away to Paris at the age of fifteen; she moves into an unwitting older boyfriend's house after they have been together for less than a week; and she sets up a fraudulent (and wildly successful) street clothing stall to raise funds to go to Mexico. Most of all, she falls in love - repeatedly, dramatically, and often with the most unlikely and inappropriate of candidates.

As she continues to plot escapades and her mother's relentless tracking methods and guilt-tripping mastery thwart her at every turn, it is no wonder that Vero becomes a writer - and a liar - inventing stories in a bid for her own sanity.

Narrated in a voice as wryly ironic as it is warm and affectionate, Lost on Me seductively explores the slippery relationship between deceitfulness and creativity (beginning with Vero's first artistic achievement: a painting she steals from a school classmate and successfully claims as her own). Deceptively simple, its tenderness offset by moments of cool brutality, Lost on Me is a masterwork of human observation.

'Deliciously enjoyable' Katherine Heiny
'I adored it' Naoise Dolan
'Wild, funny and disturbing' Roddy Doyle
'Thrillingly original' Monica Ali
'It would be simply impossible for a book this good to go unnoticed' 
Big Issue

Translated by Leah Janeczko

Format/pages: hardback / 224 pages

ISBN: 9780349017662

Publisher: Virago

Year: 2023

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