Of Saints and Miracles

    Manuel Astur

    Of Saints and Miracles

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A literary crime novel about family conflict in the Spanish countryside: breathtaking, tragic, sensuous and magical.

Marcelino lives alone on his parents' farm, set deep in the beautiful but impoverished reaches of northern Spain. It's the place where he grew up, the place where he doted on his baby brother, the place where he protected his mother from their father's drunken rages. But when Marcelino's brother tricks him out of his house and land, a moment of anger sparks a chain of events that can't be reversed. Marcelino flees to the wild peaks of rural Asturias, becoming a cult hero as he evades the authorities. Into this, author Manuel Astur interweaves family tales and fables about the sun and the moon, of death and love, and offers glimpses into the lives of other villagers and the history of their community. Astur's poetic language and seamless blend of lyricism with the grotesque renders this book a treasure for the reader. Of Saints and Miracles is a sensuous portrayal of an outcast's struggle to survive in a chaotic world of both tragedy and magical splendor.

Format/pages: paperback / 208 pages

ISBN: 9781954404069

Publisher: New Vessel Press

Year: 2022

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