Ooga Booga

    Frederick Seidel

    Ooga Booga

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"The best American poet writing today"* 

"The title itself--a parody of a threat, something the monster under the bed might grunt--manages to capture the weird dialectic of Mr. Seidel's black comedy: He is scary, but funny, but still scary . . . You would have go back to confessional masters like Lowell and Berryman to find poetry as daringly self-revealing, as risky and compelling, as the best of Frederick Seidel's." --*Adam Kirsch, The New York Sun

"The poems in Ooga-Booga are [Seidel's] richest yet and read like no one else's: They're surreal without being especially difficult, and utterly unpretentious, suffused with the peculiar American loneliness of Raymond Chandler . . . [The poem 'Barbados'] is the loveliest Seidel has written to date, and he's perfected the subtle rhythms and rhymes that rocket the stanzas forward like his Ducati 916 SPS. While I can think of a more likable book of poems, I can scarcely imagine a better one." --Alex Halberstadt, New York magazine

"[Ooga-Booga is] as beguiling and magisterial as anything [Seidel] has written. I can't decide whether Seidel has more in common with Philip Larkin or John Ashbery, but the fact that he can prompt such a bizarre question is more revealing than any possible answer." --Joel Brouwer, The New York Times Book Review

Format/pages: paperback / 100 pages

ISBN: 9780374530976

Publisher: Penguin Books

Year: 2008

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