Organizing Marketing and Sales: Mastering Contemporary B2B Challenges

    Edited by: Per Andersson, Bjorn Axelsson, Christopher Rosenqvist

    Organizing Marketing and Sales: Mastering Contemporary B2B Challenges

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The prerequisites for efficient and effective marketing and sales organizing have changed. Continued internationalization and richer access to information means that both customer firms and suppliers cover greater geographical space, and they have generally become more coordinated and sophisticated. Increased competence and maturity among customer firms has changed how those firms relate to their suppliers. Accordingly, there has been increased attention to how business relations can enhance value-creation. This introduces a whole new set of organizational challenges for marketing and sales.

Organizing Marketing and Sales addresses a number of themes related to this development, both empirically and conceptually. It offers case studies to demonstrate in detail the kinds of challenges faced by multinational, multiproduct firms, and it also draws upon theoretical perspectives in order to examine contemporary challenges in marketing and sales organization.

Format/pages: paperback / 368 pages

ISBN: 9781787549692

Publisher: Emerald Publishing

Year: 2018

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