Our Colors

    Gengoroh Tagame, Anne Ishii

    Our Colors

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A mesmerizing coming-of-age and coming-out graphic novel by the genius writer-artist of the Eisner Award-winning breakout hit My Brother's Husband.

Set in contemporary suburban Japan, Our Colors is the story of Sora Itoda, a sixteen-year-old aspiring painter who experiences his world in synesthetic hues of blues and reds and is governed by the emotional turbulence of being a teenager. He wants to live honestly as a young gay man in high school, but that is still not acceptable in Japanese society. His best friend and childhood confidante is Nao, a young woman whom everyone thinks is (or should be) his girlfriend, and it would be the easiest thing to play along--she knows he's gay but knows, too, how difficult it is to live one's truth in his situation.

Format/pages: hardback / 528 pages

ISBN: 9781524748562

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

Year: 2022

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