Pina Bausch. The Biography

    Marion Meyer

    Pina Bausch. The Biography

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The first-ever biography in English of Pina Bausch: perhaps the most influential performer and choreographer of the 20th century. Mayer has written an accessible, readable account, with a clear journalistic approach that penetrates the mystique and mythology surrounding Pina's life. Bausch was notoriously shy of discussing her work, yet Mayer's research is underpinned by several quotes from Pina herself, as well as members of her ensemble. As well as illuminating her personal life and her work ethic; it also takes stock of Bausch's legacy and the future for the Company she created. 

Translated by: Penny Black

Format/pages: paperback / 244 pages

ISBN: 9781783199891

Publisher: Oberon Books

Year: 2018

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