Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Poems

    Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Poems

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Celebrated in their time and still popular over a century after their deaths, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett had a unique relationship which is reflected in their work. Both were distinguished as poets before they met, and they learnt from one another without ever sacrificing their individuality. If Elizabeth recognized that Robert's talent was the greater of the two, Robert understood that his wife's voice was unique. All the great themes they shared are represented in this collection of their shorter poems - love, marriage, poetry, religion, England and Italy, the natural world - and the poems are accompanied by a selection from the marvellous letters they wrote to one another, especially in the years of their courtship. Among the items included are extracts from Aurora Leigh and Pauline, and the whole of Sonnets from the Portuguese, together with many lyrics and narrative poems by both poets. 

Format/pages: pocket hardback / 256 pages

ISBN: 9781841597522

Publisher: Everyman's Library

Year: 2003

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