Socialist Realism

    Trisha Low

    Socialist Realism

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In Socialist Realism, Low effortlessly encompasses both the "heady" (Hannah Arendt, Diane Arbus, radical politics, and architecture-as-ideology) and pop culture (Jurassic Park, Kristen Stewart, Beyonce). This immense range of reference gives readers multiple entry points into Low's more conceptual explorations of the head and heart.

For Low, the political is personal rather than the other way around, and the way she highlights how the structures of capitalism, cis-hetero-patriarchy, and cultural ideologies disrupt personal identity will resonate with fans of both personal memoir and cultural criticism.

Booksellers and readers have responded with great enthusiasm to our Emily Books imprint, and Low's work has all the hallmarks of a beloved Emily Books title: dark humor, a strong voice, and an unapologetically transgressive feminist stance.

Trisha works at SPD as a publicist and is very familiar with the publishing world. She's also very active on social media and will be a great advocate for her book.

Format/pages: paperback / 168 pages

ISBN: 9781566895514

Publisher: Coffee House Press

Year: 2019

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