Strategic Financial Management Casebook


    Strategic Financial Management Casebook

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Strategic Financial Management Casebook strategically uses integrative case studies-cases that do not emphasize specific subjects such as capital budgeting or value based management-to provide a framework for understanding strategic financial management. By featuring holistic presentations, the book puts readers into the shoes of those responsible for the world's largest wealth creators. It covers strategies of growth, mergers and acquisitions, financial performance analysis over the past decade, wealth created in terms of stock returns since its listing in stock market, investment and financial decisions, cost of capital, and corporate valuation.

In addition, the casebook also discusses corporate restructuring activities undertaken by each company. Each chapter follows a template to facilitate learning, and each features an Excel-based case analysis worksheet that includes a complete data set for financial analysis and valuation.

Format/pages: paperback / 604 pages

ISBN: 9780128054758

Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing

Year: 2016

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