The Devil's Flute Murders - Detective Kindaichi Mysteries

    Seishi Yokomizo

    The Devil's Flute Murders - Detective Kindaichi Mysteries

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"Yokomizo at his absolute best... From the ominous opening through the brilliant final reveal, [he] ably blends suspense and fair-play detection... A classic of the genre."  -Publishers Weekly, starred review

This standalone novel features the scruffy sleuth Kosuke Kindaichi-the most famous Japanese detective-created by one of Japan's greatest crime writers: Seishi Yokomizo, the "Japanese Agatha Christie"

Locked room mysteries are hot again, and this classic from the golden age of crime presents a mind-bending Japanese mystery from the great Seishi Yokomizo, whose fictional detective Kosuke Kindaichi is a pop culture phenomenon akin to Sherlock Holmes.

This time the beloved scruffy sleuth Kosuke Kindaichi investigates a series of gruesome murders within the feuding family of a brooding, troubled composer, whose most famous work chills the blood of all who hear it.

Readers will be totally engrossed by one of Yokomizo's most clever guessing games, in which everyone has something to hide…

Format/pages: paperback / 256 pages

ISBN: 9781782278849

Publisher: Pushkin Vertigo

Year: 2023

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