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atrinkta angliška ir lietuviška literatūra
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The End of the West

    Michael Dickman

    The End of the West

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"Dickman's book moves with careful intensity as it confidently illuminates buried, contemporary suffering."--"Publishers Weekly"

"Elizabeth Bishop said that the three qualities she admired most in poetry were accuracy, spontaneity, and mystery. Michael Dickman's first full-length collection of poems demonstrates each brilliantly....These are lithe, seemingly effortless poems, poems whose strange affective power remains even after several readings. Again and again the language seems to disappear, leaving the reader with woven flashes of image, situation, emotion....These are durable poems from one of the most accomplished and original poets to emerge in years."--"The Believer"

"With vacant space and verbal economy, his work suggests volumes." --"Poets & Writers "

""The poems in Michael Dickman's energized debut document the bright desires and all-too-common sufferings of modern times: the churn of domestic violence, spiritual longing, drug abuse, and the impossible expectations fathers have for their sons. In a poem that references heroin and "scary parents," Dickman reminds us that "Still there is a lot to pray to on earth." Dickman is a poet to watch.

Format/pages: paperback / 89 pages

ISBN: 9781556592898

Publisher: Copper Canyon Press

Year: 2009

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