The Long Answer

    Anna Hogeland

    The Long Answer

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'The Long Answer is a triumph of human portraiture, as subtle as it is seething' Sunday Times

'A startling meditation on grief and family and betrayal and the stories we tell about ourselves ... introspective, psychologically astute, and engaging' Kirkus starred review

'There were other women, how many other women, who had felt and wanted what I'd felt and wanted, and felt and wanted differently too. Anywhere I've been and will go next, there they will be.'

Twelve weeks pregnant for the first time, Anna speaks to her sister on the other side of the country and learns she has just miscarried her second child. As this loss strains their bond, and complications with Anna's own pregnancy emerge, her tenuous steps towards motherhood are shadowed and illuminated by the women she meets along the way, whose stories of the babies they have had, or longed for, or lost, crowd in.

The Long Answer is a stunning novel of secrets kept and secrets shared. Deeply empathetic and hugely absorbing, it unravels the intimate dynamics of female friendship, sisterhood, motherhood and grief, and the ways in which women are bound together and pulled apart by their shared and contrasting experiences of pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage and infertility.

Format/pages: paperback / 304 pages

ISBN: 9781800814721

Publisher: Serpent's Tail

Year: 2022

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