The Mezzanine

    Nicholson Baker

    The Mezzanine

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The Mezzanine is the story of one man's lunch hour. It addresses the big questions of corporate life, like: Why does one shoelace always wear out before the other? Whose genius lies behind the folding spout on the milk carton? Whatever happened to the paper drinking-straw? 

Nicholson Baker's hilarious debut novel documents the thoughts of an office worker as he day-dreams on the escalator, on his way to buy shoe-laces. Sparklingly original, intelligent and digressive, it paved the way for authors such as David Foster Wallace and Joshua Ferris and introduced one of the most controversial and acclaimed authors in America today. 

Format/pages: paperback / 144 pages

ISBN: 9781847083487

Publisher: Granta Books

Year: 2011

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