The Path

    Bob Staake

    The Path

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From New Yorker cover artist Bob Staake, this inspirational guide to finding your authentic self through life s challenges is a hip new take on the graduation book. Award-winning author and New Yorker cover artist Bob Staake's lyrical words and stunning illustrations will lead children and adults alike to discover the encouraging truth that our path through life is not only challenging and beautiful it is all our own to discover and invent. With a bonus The Path poster from Bob Staake inside the jacket! You will walk. You will walk along a well-worn path that many people have taken and long before you. So begins this inspirational journey over gentle, grassy hills, through fields of wildflowers, over raging rivers, up steep mountains, and even through a dark, chilly cave. When it splits in two, you will have to decide what to do next and you ll create a path that's unique to you.

For ages: 6-8

Format/pages: hardback / 32 pages

ISBN: 9781662650635

Publisher: mineditionUS

Year: 2022

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