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atrinkta angliška ir lietuviška literatūra
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War of the Foxes

    Richard Siken

    War of the Foxes

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"This may be the most anticipated poetry book of the last decade...expect it to haunt you."--NPR.orgIn reviewing Richard Siken's first book, Crush, the New York Times wrote that "his territory is [where] passion and eloquence collide and fuse." In this long-awaited follow-up to Crush, Siken turns toward the problems of making and representation, in an unrelenting interrogation of our world of doublings. In this restless, swerving book simple questions--such as, Why paint a bird?--are immediately complicated by concerns of morality, human capacity, and the ways we look to art for meaning and purpose while participating in its--and our own--invention.

* "Slippery, magnetic riffs on the arbitrary divisions made by the human mind in light of the mathematical abstractions that delete them; poetry lovers will want to read."--Library Journal, starred review

Format/pages: paperback / 49 pages

ISBN: 9781556594779

Publisher: Copper Canyon Press

Year: 2015

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