When the Bees Fly Home

    Andrea Cheng, Joline Mcfadden

    When the Bees Fly Home

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Worried about the drought that has caused a big decrease in honey production, his dad is irritable and remote, seemingly unable to offer the acceptance that Jonathan yearns for. But one sleepless night Jonathan joins his mother in the kitchen making beeswax candles for sale, and discovers an outlet for his artistic talents that will make a big contribution to the family finances.

Bee-fact sidebars buzz through this human story about a child trying to please his father.In this expanded paperback edition, an "About Bees" appendix offers further natural history about these vital and fascinating insects.Helps us see that sensitive, artistic boys have their own special place.Fountas & Pinnell Level O

Format/pages: paperback / 32 pages

ISBN: 9780884484820

Publisher: Tilbury House

Year: 2019

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