International Economics

    Hendrik Van den Berg

    International Economics

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Now in its third edition, Hendrik Van den Berg's International Economics: A Heterodox Approach covers all of the standard topics taught in undergraduate international economics courses. Written in a friendly and approachable style, this new edition is unique in that it presents the key orthodox neoclassical models of international trade and investment, while supplementing them with a variety of heterodox approaches. This pluralist approach is intended to give economics students a more realistic understanding of the international economy than standard textbooks can provide.

Changes to the new edition include:

  • updates throughout to reflect recent world events, including coverage of trade negotiations and the Greek crisis;
  • expanded discussion of pluralist approaches with more coverage of alternative schools of thought;
  • discussions of the growing financialization of global economic activity;
  • additional real-world examples;
  • increased coverage of environmental issues; transnational corporations and their behavior in the international economy; the difference between international investment and international finance; and monetary history;
  • a consolidated and updated chapter on international banking.

This book also maintains a broad perspective that links economic activity to the social and natural spheres of human activity, with emphasis on the distributional and environmental effects of international trade, investment, finance, and migration. Chapter summaries, key terms and concepts, problems and questions, and a glossary are included in the book. A Student Study Guide and an Instructor's Manual are available online.

Format/pages: paperback / 650 pages

ISBN: 9781138945050

Publisher: Routledge

Year: 2016

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