The Analog Sea Review: Number Three

    Jonathan Simons (ed.)

    The Analog Sea Review: Number Three

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In the third edition of the award-winning literary journal The Analog Sea Review, offline publisher Analog Sea continues to explore what artists and writers create when the machines are all sleeping and they find themselves back again amid that most valuable natural resource—time.

The third issue dives into topics of depth psychology, solitude, creative community, Glenn Gould and the idea of North, the cult of the image, and includes writing by May Sarton, Robert Macfarlane, Sophy Roberts, Barry Lopez, Rilke, Stefan Zweig, Virginia Woolf, C.G. Jung, among many others, as well as exclusive interviews with German filmmaker Wim Wenders and depth psychologist Wolfgang Giegerich.

Format/pages: hardback / 218 pages

ISBN: 9781732251977

Publisher: Analog Sea

Year: 2020

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