The KGB in Lithuania in 1954-1991

    Kristina Burinskaitė, Lina Okuličiūtė

    The KGB in Lithuania in 1954-1991

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The USSR's KGB division in Soviet Lithuania played the key role in preserving the Soviet occupation regime. Its overt and secret activities helped to the Communist Party to suppress the anti-Soviet resistance, manifestations of civil and national movement and impose the atmosphere of fear and distrust upon the Lithuanian society. The KGB activities as well as its methods and targets, which were set by the Communist Party, can tell a great deal about the KGB itself as well as the Soviet political system, which existed in Lithuania for 50 years. The KGB was not a typical secret service. The book presents the key characteristics, areas, methods, and measures applied by the KGB in fighting the anti-Soviet resistance and standing in guard of the Soviet regime between 1954 and 1991. The book is illustrated with many archival photographs and documents.


Format/pages: paperback / 56 pages

ISBN: 9786098037449

Publisher: Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania

Year: 2022

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