Gabrielė Labanauskaitė


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Gabrielė Labanauskaitė (b. 1980) is a Lithuanian-born writer and playwright, who has been writing for theatre since 2004. Her plays have been staged and appreciated in Lithuania and abroad to much recognition and success. In 2017, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where Gabrielė received her PhD in theatre studies and still teaches, published „Dramatika“ (Dramatics) – a monograph on her research into narrative. As a poet, Gabrielė‘s work has extended to the interdisciplinary field and, together with the group AVaspo, she has release three albums of poetry.

„Plays“ is the first collection of plays by playwright and novelist Gabrielė Labanauskaitė published in English. It includes four internationally acclaimed works by Gabrielė that deal with socially sensitive themes and issues.

„Blood Brothers“ is a contemporary tragicomedy, a paraphrase of the biblical brothers Cain and Abel, which tells a story of love, friendship and the hatred of otherness fuelled by National Socialism.

 „Gender Wrongs“ is a comedy about an LGBTQ+ amateur girls‘ basketball team with a dream to compete in a sports championship in Alaska. Through their collective efforts to get there, the challenges of equal rights, gender and relationships are revealed.

„Honey, Moon!“ Is a libretto about the search for identity, self-realisation and union with another person in this alienated world.

„Real Estate Drama“ is a play about the desire to buy property and make a comfortable home in a capitalist world where the rules are more ruthless than they first appear.

Format/pages: paperback / 392 pages

ISBN: 9786094253355

Publisher: Lietuvių literatūros ir tautosakos institutas

Year: 2023

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