The Last Day

    Jaroslavas Melnikas

    The Last Day

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Jura finds that the favourite rooms in his house, each designed to reflect an aspect of his personality, are disappearing one by one. He remembers perfectly well playing the piano in `The Grand Piano Room'. However, the other members of his family deny the room ever existed.

In `The Last Day' a family discovers an app that tells them on which day one of them will die.

A man receives letters from God giving him choices which throw him into a moral dilemma.

In this award-winning collection of stories, `Melnikas questions the taboos that limit human freedom.' Lire

Jaroslavas Melnikas is one of the most inventive and interesting Ukrainian and Lithuanian writers today. La Croix wrote of him, `He meditates, like Dostoyevsky, on the relationship between sin and freedom.'

Translated by: Marija Marcinkutė

Format/pages: paperback / 192 pages

ISBN: 9780995560048

Publisher: Noir Press

Year: 2018

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