Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards

    John T. Hansen

    Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards

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Spauskite čia jei norėtumėte gauti žinią, kai vėl turėsime Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards.

Learn the essential anatomy you need to know - quickly and easily! Each flash card in this full-color deck features high-quality Netter art (and several new paintings by Dr. Carlos Machado), numbered labels (with hidden answers), and concise comments and clinical notes for the most commonly tested anatomy terms and concepts. Focusing on clinically relevant anatomy, this easy-to-use, portable study tool helps you learn anatomical structures with confidence!

Pre-punched holes make it easy to carry selected groups of cards with you.
A perfect study aid and complement to Netter's Clinical Anatomy, 4rd Edition concise textbook and Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, 7th Edition.

New card design makes it easy to sort cards by Region (primary color-coded organization) or System (icons).
Student Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to study the cards on your phone, tablet, or computer and includes over 400 multiple-choice questions. Quiz yourself on structure names as well as their anatomical and clinical significance.

Format/pages: cards / 688

ISBN: 9780323834179

Publisher: Elsevier

Year: 2018

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