The New Seoul Park Jelly Massacre

    Cho Yeeun

    The New Seoul Park Jelly Massacre

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At New Seoul Park, Korea's greatest theme park, an enigmatic man tempts visitors with a mysterious jelly candy that promises an unbreakable bond. As the sun beats down on a muggy summer afternoon, a child separated from her disinterested parents, a single mother striving to create a memorable day on a shoestring budget, and a couple on the brink of splitting up, all end up tasting this ominous candy. Little do they know that a sinister force lurks beneath the innocent facade. The sweet and innocent soon turns grotesque as the jelly becomes the catalyst for a sticky, sweet massacre.

Translated by Yewon Jung

Format/pages: paperback / 250 pages

ISBN: 9781915829030

Publisher: Honford Star

Year: 2024

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