A Beginner's Guide to Japan: Observations and Provocations

    Pico Iyer

    A Beginner's Guide to Japan: Observations and Provocations

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"Arguably the greatest living travel writer" (Outside magazine), Pico Iyer has called Japan home for more than three decades. But, as he is the first to admit, the country remains an enigma even to its long-term residents. In A Beginner's Guide to Japan, Iyer draws on his years of experience--his travels, conversations, readings, and reflections--to craft a playful and profound book of surprising, brief, incisive glimpses into Japanese culture. He recounts his adventures and observations as he travels from a meditation hall to a love hotel, from West Point to Kyoto Station, and from dinner with Meryl Streep to an ill-fated call to the Apple service center in a series of provocations guaranteed to pique the interest and curiosity of those who don't know Japan--and to remind those who do of its myriad fascinations.

Format/pages: paperback / 208 pages

ISBN: 9781101973479

Publisher: Vintage Books

Year: 2020

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