atrinkta angliška ir lietuviška literatūra
atrinkta angliška ir lietuviška literatūra
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A Breath of Life

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A mystical dialogue between a male author (a thinly disguised Clarice Lispector) and his/her creation, a woman named Angela, this posthumous work has never before been translated. Lispector did not even live to see it published.At her death, a mountain of fragments remained to be `structured` by Olga Borelli. These fragments form a dialogue between a god-like author who infuses the breath of life into his creation: the speaking, breathing, dying creation herself, Angela Pralini. The work's almost occult appeal arises from the perception that if Angela dies, Clarice will have to die as well. And she did. 

Format/pages: paperback / 167 pages

ISBN: 9780811219624

Publisher: New Directions

Year: 2012

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