American Energy Cinema - Energy and Society

    Ed. Robert Lifset, Raechel Lutz, Sarah Stanford-McIntyre

    American Energy Cinema - Energy and Society

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Historians investigate the relationships between film, culture, and energy.

American Energy Cinema explores how Hollywood movies have portrayed energy from the early film era to the present. Looking at classics like Giant, Silkwood, There Will Be Blood, and Matewan, and at quirkier fare like A Is for Atom and Convoy, it argues that films have both reflected existing beliefs and conjured new visions for Americans about the role of energy in their lives and their history.

The essays in this collection show how film provides a unique and informative lens to understand perceptions of energy production, consumption, and infrastructure networks. By placing films that prominently feature energy within historical context and analyzing them as historical objects, the contributing authors demonstrate how energy systems of all kinds are both integral to the daily life of Americans and inextricable from larger societal changes and global politics.


Format/pages: paperback / 376 pages

ISBN: 9781952271762

Publisher: West Virginia University Press

Year: 2023

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