And the Stones Cry Out

    Clara Dupont-Monod

    And the Stones Cry Out

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"True in the way only great fiction can be . . . Every word matters. Read it" CLARE OSHETSKY

"Clara's sentences are tender and illuminating, they carefully guided me along a complex family story, like stones skimming on water . . . I'm so thankful this book exists" SZILVIA MOLNAR

This is the story of a child with black eyes that float in and out of focus, a child soft and round, with translucent, blue-veined legs unable to hold his weight. This is the story of his place in the Cévennes house where he was born, overlooked by swaying trees and craggy mountains.

This is the story of his siblings: the eldest who spends his days cheek-to-cheek with his baby brother, attuned to the rushing, buzzing, whistling sounds that connect him to the outside world; the sister who rejects him and resents him for consuming the attention of her parents and brother, for turning her family upside down; and the youngest, whose life unfolds in the shadow of what his brother's might have been.

This is the story of the ancient stones embedded in the courtyard walls, devoted witnesses to the children's lives, who watch over them and tell their tale.

A fable for our time, And the Stones Cry Out delicately paints the portrait of a family adapting to their circumstances, to each other, and to a world not built for difference.

Translated from the French by Ben Faccini

Format/pages: hardback / 176 pages

ISBN: 9781529435368

Publisher: MacLehose Press

Year: 2024

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