Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners

    Travis Elborough

    Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners

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'Atlas of Improbable Places has that rare, through-the-wardrobe quality. It is a delightful compendium of the strangest places on the planet.' DAILY TELEGRAPH

In Atlas of Improbable Places, Travis Elborough goes in search of the obscure and bizarre, the beautiful and arcane. His unique atlas shows you the modern world from surprising new vantage points. Discover the secret Soviet city of Zheleznogorsk and the church tower of San Juan Parangaricutiro, miraculously still standing as the sole survivor of a town sunk by lava. Explore the underground realms of Beijing and Berlin, dug for refuge and espionage, and the floating worlds of remote Palmerston and the macabre Island of Dolls.
The truths and myths behind these hidden lairs, forgotten cities and improbable wonders are as varied as the destinations themselves. These curious places are not just extraordinary sights but reflections on our relationship with the world around us. Acclaimed author and social commentator, Travis Elborough, is a marvellous travel guide to the world's most unusual corners.
'This engrossing book traverses the heights and depths, the beauty and terror, of our world.' THE OBSERVER
'Understatedly expressive.' NEW YORK TIMES
'Deeply researched - and really worth your time.' GQ

Format/pages: paperback / 192 pages

ISBN: 9780711264014

Publisher: Aurum Press

Year: 2021

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