Better Brand Health

    Jenni Romaniuk

    Better Brand Health

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The book is about brand health tracking, one of the biggest (and most costly) sources of insights about brand performance and inputs into brand strategy that marketers engage in. But yet most trackers were designed pre-How Brands Grow, and so suffer from being not fit for purpose to provide insights to managers looking to grow their brands. Jenni has conducted R&D into brand health tracking for the past decade, much of this is published in a disparate range of academic marketing journals, some of it is not published because it is more technical. This book brings together that R&D with Jenni and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institutes background in How Brands Grow to help brand managers and researchers design an evidence based, useful brand health tracking research instrument and help them get the most out of the information to inform their recommendations and implications.

Format/pages: hardback / 256 pages

ISBN: 9780190340902

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year: 2023

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