Crafting Anatomies: Archives, Dialogues, Fabrications

    ed. Professor Katherine Townsend, Rhian Solomon, Amanda Briggs-Goode

    Crafting Anatomies: Archives, Dialogues, Fabrications

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The human body lies at the centre of our relationship to fashion and textiles. Crafting Anatomies explores how the body has become a catalyst for archival research, creative dialogues and hybrid fabrications in fashion design. Focusing on how our response to the corporeal has shifted over time, the book looks at how it is currently influencing design and socio-material practices.

With contributions from a multidisciplinary range of scholars and researchers, Crafting Anatomies examines how new technologies have become integrated with traditional fashion and textiles techniques, bringing together art, science and biomedical approaches. Traversing the cutting-edge of design research, the chapters take us from the forgotten lives of historical garments to the potential of biofabrication to cross the boundaries between skin and textile.

Illustrated with 120 images visualising original research, the book reveals how the human body continues to inspire future design, from historical wearables to prosthetic limbs and 3D-printed footwear. In doing so, it provides an inspiring account of how fashion and textile culture now impacts socio-creativity and the formation of contemporary identity.


Format/pages: paperback / 344 pages

ISBN: 9781350242432

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Year: 2022

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