Diary of a Jewish Girl

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The Diary of a Jewish Girl tells the story of Esther Levinsonaite, a Jewish girl in occupied Lithuania during World War Two and the immediate post-war years.

Naked and bloody, having dug herself from a mass grave, Esther drags herself to the house Vladas and Milda on their wedding night. The two teachers take the girl in, sheltering her through the troubles.

It is also the story of a luxurious sofa, in which, before the war, Esther hid her diary.
The novel is an exploration of a commitment to living a happy life, despite the madness and danger of the world. It is a novel about resurrection both physical and spiritual. It's a story of strength, courage and the victory of the weak. And of the stubbornness of resistance.

Format/pages: paperback / 176 pages

ISBN: 9780995560062

Publisher: Noir Press

Year: 2020

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