Diversity of Aesthetics Vol. III: Looting

    Saidiya Hartman, Vicky Osterweil, Christina Sharpe, Rinaldo Walcott

    Diversity of Aesthetics Vol. III: Looting

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Looting is direct action par excellence. But it is also a nearly irrecuperable aesthetic gesture against the police, whiteness, and the regime of property that gives those forces power and purpose. In revealing the innately ideological and social content of property ownership, in demonstrating that all that stands between us and plenty is a thin sheet of plate glass, looting destabilizes the ideological hold of whiteness, property, and capital, and it has done so since the enslaved looted themselves singly and en masse from the plantation. 

—Vicky Osterweil

Diversity of Aesthetics is a multi-volume editorial project started with the goal of facilitating conversations between radical thinkers and cultural workers about artistic production, aesthetics, struggles against racialized capitalism, and revolutionary theory through our shared experiences.

The first volume, titled Inside and Outside: Infrastructures of Critique features Michael Rakowitz, Shellyne Rodriguez, and Stevphen Shukaitis in conversation with Andreas Petrossiants mapping connections between social movements and artistic work.

The second volume, Foreigners Everywhere, presents a lesser-known account of Claire Fontaine’s reception outside of the university and the museum in the Global South and features a conversation between Claire Fontaine, Iman Ganji, and Jose Rosales ranging from the 2021 strikes in Iran to the internationalist potential of the practice of translation.

Lastly, volume 3 is titled Looting and is a conversation between Saidiya Hartman, Christina Sharpe, Rinaldo Walcott, and Vicky Osterweil. They discuss looting as a modality of Black struggle and a form of contesting whiteness, property, politics, and modes of governance. Looting is discussed via aesthetic theory, but also in the ways it has been and is used by states to protect constituent modes of power and to cultivate Western culture. It is an engagement with centuries of Black radical thought, history, and social movements. 


Format/pages: paperback / 64 pages

ISBN: 220 220

Publisher: Andreas Petrossiants and Jose Rosales in collaboration with the Emily Harvey Foundation

Year: 2023

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