E.H. Gombrich on Fresco Painting (Pocket Perspectives)

    E. H. Gombrich

    E.H. Gombrich on Fresco Painting (Pocket Perspectives)

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An interpretation of the history of mural painting from ancient Egypt to the twentieth century by one of most eminent art historians of all time, who wielded huge influence over both his professional peers and a vast popular readership.

Surprising, questioning, challenging, enriching: the Pocket Perspectives series celebrates writers and thinkers who have helped shape the conversation across the arts. Mixing classic and contemporary texts, reissues and abridgements, these are bite-sized, fully illustrated reads in an attractive, affordable and highly collectable package.

Format/pages: hardback / 96 pages

ISBN: 9780500027448

Publisher: Thames and Hudson

Year: 2024

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