Eros and Civilization : A Philisophical Inquiry Into Freud

    Herbert Marcuse

    Eros and Civilization : A Philisophical Inquiry Into Freud

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Hailed as the 'Guru of the New Left' and a leading figure of 1960s counterculture and liberation movements, the philosopher Herbert Marcuse is amongst the most renowned and controversial thinkers of the twentieth century. Eros and Civilization is one of his best-known books and brought him international fame.

Taking his cue from Freud's view that repression of the instincts is a defining characteristic of the human mind, Marcuse fuses Freud's insight with Marx's theories of alienation and oppression. He argues that rather than our instincts turned in on themselves, it is modern capitalism itself that is preventing us from reaching the freedom we can find in a non-repressive society.

A sweeping indictment of modern capitalism and consumerism that remains fresh and insightful, Eros and Civilization is a classic of activist and radical thinking that continues to fire debate and controversy today.

This Routledge Classics edition includes a new Foreword by Douglas Kellner.



Format/pages: paperback / 220 pages

ISBN: 9781032533728

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Year: 2023

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