Fashion Writing: Journalism and Content Creation

    Josephine Collins, Stephen Spear

    Fashion Writing: Journalism and Content Creation

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Fashion writing now enjoys its highest-ever profile as the digital world has multiplied the number of platforms on which it is available. No longer confined to restrictive print schedules or occasional broadcast slots, fashion has become an ever-present content driver. With retailers, brands and designers all in on the act, plus citizen fashion coverage from the social media community, the volume of fashion content has risen beyond any predictions.

While influencers monetise their musings - indeed, create successful and influential fashion media and fashion product businesses - traditional magazines and newspapers have expanded their multi-channel fashion content in order to secure more touch points with consumers.

Aimed at students on journalism, content creation, media and publishing courses this guide will also appeal to untrained writers who want to develop a more professional approach to their fashion writing.

Format/pages: paperback / 192 pages

ISBN: 9781529419955

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

Year: 2024

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