Grace Curtis


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'Curtis oozes charm and humour in this pacey debut, which will be devoured by fans of Fallout and Firefly' TAMSYN MUIR

A heartfelt queer romance in a high noon standoff with Earth's uncertain future, full of love, loss, and laser guns. Perfect for fans of Becky Chambers and Mary Robinette Kowal.

In the distant future, climate change has reduced Earth to a hard-scrabble wasteland. Saints and sinners, lawmakers and sheriffs, gunslingers and horse thieves abound. Folk are as diverse and divided as they've ever been - except in their shared suspicions when a stranger comes to town.

One night a ship falls from the sky, bringing the planet's first visitor in three hundred years.

She's armed, she's scared . . . and she's looking for someone.

'I'm officially a member of the Grace Curtis fan club!' AMIE KAUFMAN

'Delightfully inventive' KATE DYLAN

Format/pages: paperback / 256 pages

ISBN: 9781529390568

Publisher: Hodderscape

Year: 2024

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