Guide to the old Vilnius University campus

    Nijolė Bulotaitė

    Guide to the old Vilnius University campus

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Students, teachers, and employees of Vilnius University can hardly resist the spirit of the old campus, its cozy courtyards, historical halls, corridors, arcades, and the history that is written daily by the new generation of students. Imaginative facts, legends, experiences, stories encourage us to wonder, study and create. There is a perpetual need for new knowledge to be acquired, new discoveries to be made, because on this campus beats the heart of curiosity and creativity. The history of the University cannot be contained by thirteen courtyards – it is scattered throughout Vilnius and beckons you for a stroll in its company.

Format/pages: paperback / 112 pages

ISBN: 9786090704417

Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

Year: 2020

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