Last Days

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Evenson is a major figure among writers who straddle the line between genre forms and literary concerns, and he was recently the subject of a 5 x 5 interview (five interviewers, and spread over five full-length conversations) with The Believer bringing his work to an even wider audience
Evenson's straight genre work is published by Tor, and there's a large cross-over audience primed to enjoy his more literary work.
Evenson's work has been compared to that of J. G. Ballard, Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Bowles, Franz Kafka, Cormac McCarthy, Robert Coover, Edgar Allan Poe. 
Evenson has also won the ALA RUSA Award for Best Horror Novel and was a finalist for the Edgar Award.
Last Days will be published alongside two other re-releases (The Open Curtain and Father of Lies) as well as a new collection, A Collapse of Horses all with a unified design and new introductions
This is Evenson's foray into hard-boiled detective fiction, but it still circles around his concerns with the abuse of power and the danger of organized religion.

Format/pages: paperback / 200 pages

ISBN: 9781566894166

Publisher: Coffee House Press

Year: 2016

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