Literature Class, Berkeley 1980

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“I want you to know that I’m not a critic or theorist”—so begins the first of eight classes that the great Argentine writer Julio Cortázar delivered at UC Berkeley in 1980. These classes are as much reflections on Cortázar’s own writing—“in my work I look for solutions as problems arise”—as musings about literature. He covers such topics as “the writer’s path” (“while my aesthetic world view made me admire writers like Borges, I was able to open my eyes to the language of street slang, lunfardo”) and the fantastic (“unbeknownst to me, the fantastic had become as acceptable, as possible and real, as the fact of eating soup at eight o’clock in the evening”), Literature Class provides the amazingly warm and personal experience of sitting in a room with this fantastically inventive author. As Joaquin Marco stated in El Cultural, “exploring this course is to dive into Cortázar designing his own creations…. Essential for anyone reading or studying Cortázar, cronopio or not!”

Format/pages: paperback / 280 pages

ISBN: 9780811225342

Publisher: New Directions

Year: 2017

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